What We Do

While the globalization of markets has dispersed investments around the world, Canopy wants to bring capital back home to strengthen communities.

Through a unique collaboration, Canopy is identifying opportunities for investors to put capital to work locally in innovative ways by bringing together diverse stakeholders to leverage capital in building a regional investment ecosystem that benefits communities and creates financial returns.
Canopy members are sharing in the costs of sophisticated institutional research that can surface regional investments while developing a new generation of investment managers through education and training, who can run these specialized funds. By building capacity, Canopy is ensuring a long-term pipeline of regional investments that can withstand the rigor of institutional due diligence and attract new sources of capital.

Most significantly, Canopy is changing the conversation about how institutions and individuals put their capital to work to deliver community-defined and financial outcomes.

Canopy Places

Creating knowledge and avenues for regional stakeholders to connect and collaborate.

Mapping and research currently in progress.

Canopy Capital

Providing research on regional investment opportunities that achieve community outcomes and put capital to work.

Project platform to help investors identify quality regional investment opportunities.

Canopy Catalyst

Training and capacity building for community leaders, fund managers, etc. with the goal of building thriving regional economies.