Canopy-University of Oregon Partnership Announcement

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Pictured (left to right): Brad Harrison, Director of Strategy, Canopy; John Hull, Executive Director, The Business Innovation Institute, University of Oregon

Canopy PLACES, Canopy’s ecosystem mapping arm, and the University of Oregon’s Business Innovation Institute (BII) are pleased to announce a collaboration formed to conduct strategic research on regional capital flows in the Pacific Northwest. Through both quantitative data gathering and analysis – conducted in partnership with Threshold Group – and qualitative case study development, this partnership will help regional stakeholders better understand capital gaps and new opportunities to partner and invest in the region. Research is already underway, with expected publication in early 2016.

This collaboration builds on similar work by BII focused on the State of Oregon, resulting in the Oregon Capital Scan – A Line is Drawn, a report published in 2014. Using this methodology and report as a springboard, we are expanding the geographic scope to include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, northern California and British Columbia, Canada.

Canopy’s mission is to build social and economic infrastructure to align capital markets with community outcomes. We believe mapping the capital landscape is a key first step to enable investors to supply capital to the places its needed most and help stakeholders understand where they fit into the landscape. Since capital accessibility can limit the rate of new company formation and development – ultimately slowing job growth and limiting overall regional economic health – the PNW Capital Scan is aiming to the provide information necessary to unlock capital to build a stronger regional economy.

The University of Oregon brings experience gathering and analyzing this type of data based on their involvement with the Oregon Capital Scan, deep institutional resources, expertise in regional emerging company ecosystems and a depth of experience in industry analysis. They have the capacity to collaborate across the university and engage outstanding business school students to create practical learning experiences.

Our hope is that the PNW Capital Scan will 1) inform capital providers – including but not limited to governments, foundations, institutions, corporations, endowments and individuals – that aspire to invest within the region and support local economies; 2) help entrepreneurs who aim to start, build or grow enterprises in the region and access patient, mission-aligned capital; and 3) enable policy makers to spur growth and investment in certain areas and promote public-private partnership formation.

Canopy members will utilize the PNW Capital Scan data to select emerging funds that will move through Canopy CATALYST’s Investment Fund Manager training program, effectively building the field of qualified fund managers and increasing the flow of capital to valuable community-led ventures. The information will also be used to populate Canopy CAPITAL’s regional investment pipeline and inform our investment research process.

In addition to the report, we’re building an online, interactive regional map to help users visualize the investment ecosystem. We’ll take the data on regional stakeholders, investment opportunities, and collaborations surfaced through the PNW Capital Scan and other strategic research, and build a tool to make it functional and accessible for users. Canopy is currently in the process of engaging new strategic partners to build the map.

Stay tuned for a preview of the PNW Capital Scan later this fall and the full report in early 2016.

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