Capital, Communities and Connectivity

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They say every place is unique, a complex melting pot of people, beliefs, history and politics. I’ve been thinking a lot about this “uniqueness” in recent weeks, especially given that earlier this year I launched Canopy, a new place-based investment collaborative. When I say a lot I mean A LOT – I think about the concept of place, and communities, … Read More

Canopy Launches Innovative Investment Research and Education Program

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Skilled carpenter using a handheld plane to smooth and level the surface of a plank of hardwood, close up view of his hands, the tool and wood shavings

Canopy Launches Innovative Investment Research and Education Program Last week we at Canopy published the beliefs and guidelines that are guiding our approach to investment research and capacity building here in the Pacific Northwest.  The sixth, but arguably most critical of these “Investment Beliefs” is this: A thriving regional investing ecosystem will require new systems, tools and intermediaries to meet the … Read More


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C is for CAPACITY The Canopy C might lead you to believe that when you show up for a meeting here you’ll see lab coats and colliders.  Not quite.  But, the scientific nod is not lost completely.  Canopy was born out of the increasingly intense need for interconnectivity across sectors within regional economic systems.  Every player – from governments to … Read More